Teenage Kicks? ‘The Undertones had more freedom growing up in 1970s militarised Derry than teens do now’


In sharp contrast to 30 years ago, in the new documentary, the band’s working-class Catholic background was portrayed as a source of their level-headed character and warmth. It is striking that despite the daily conflict on their local streets, they still wanted – and obtained – universal teen appeal…

Unthinkable as it is now, here was a place where bar staff would turn the odd blind eye to an underage drinker or two. Youngsters could inhale as many B&H cigarettes into their lungs as they wanted without having to traipse outside.

There were no CCTV cameras, and no party-spoiling bouncers manning the door. S

hockingly, the club nights would often be organised by older adults who hadn’t been vetted or checked by the police to see if they were sexual predators or perverts.


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