Michael Coren’s ‘night with the fanatics’ at Toronto 9/11 vigil disrupted by leftists, Muslims

Michael Coren writes:

They described their demonstration as a hate-free zone, but told me and the other Sun News team to “f— off” as soon as we arrived.

Not one of the many protesters could tell me the name of the medic who was killed by Omar Khadr, and some of them said it didn’t matter.

They were also indifferent to the stories I told them of Christians, gays, women and moderate Muslims being slaughtered by militant Islamists. (…)

The crowd screamed “fascist” and “hoodlum” at the peaceful crowd of mainly Jewish, Hindu and Chinese people across the road, and then ostentatiously sat down when the Canadian national anthem was played. (…)

 Thank God they do not have the guns and bombs possessed by their friends in the Middle East.

But be aware, they live among us, and their hatred and anger knows few bounds.

Have you noticed that the same people who insist defensively that “not all Muslims do XYZ bad thing” are the same people who turn on a dime and make excuses (and therefore, implicitly approve) when Muslims DO “do XYZ bad thing.” (“Well, America asked for it…” “Well, that’s their culture…”)

So which is it?

Is “XYZ bad thing” universally morally wrong — or do you merely object to the rest of us noticing when Muslims do it?

If it’s “there culture,” then… “their culture” must be evil, no?

If “America asked for it,” then whatever America did must be bad, right? So when Muslims do the same thing America supposedly did, that’s “bad” too though, right?

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