Is Someone Racist? Helpful flowchart!

Gavin McInnes adds:

Ever notice how the ones screaming ra-a-a-a-cism are always white and the ones they are screaming it at are the same kinds of people the KKK was chasing down the street 50 years ago?

Me: Married an American Indian and made babies
Jim Goad: Lives in an all black neighborhood
John Derbyshire: Married an Asian and made babies
Naomi Schaefer Riley (fired for mocking black studies): Married a black man and made babies
Lesley Arfin (hipster racist writer for HBO’s “Girls”): Jewish
Kyria Abrahams (hipster racist): Dating a black hispanic
Juan Williams (fired for implying Islam can be scary): Black hispanic
Rick Sanchez (fired for pointing out his bosses are Jewish): Hispanic

In the new war against racism we have whites attacking Jews, race mixers, and coloreds.

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