The fact that child molesters ‘get away with it for so long’ contains a shred of good news

It means that we’re still so horrified, shamed and disgusted by child sex abuse that we hesitate to even discuss it or contemplate it.

When we lose that natural disgust, that’s when society will have succeeded in normalizing it.

BTW: I’ve always loathed practical jokers. Puns aren’t the lowest form of humor; practical jokes are, because they obviously have sinister under- (and sometimes over-) tones.


Sandusky was a hugger and a grabber and a cutup. “He liked practical jokes and messing around, knocking a guy’s hat off his head, making prank calls, sneaking up behind people to startle them,” Posnanski goes on.

I’m also impervious to “charm” and schmoozing. This makes me look aloof, even rude or “bad at social cues.”

Men have called me “stuck up” for most of my life.

And that’s exactly how I like it:

People didn’t believe that Clay was a pedophile because people liked Clay—without realizing that Clay was in the business of being likable.


Football will be the death of America.

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