Is this the closest we’ll ever get to watching Mark Steyn smack down Doug Saunders? (video)

Alas, I suspect so.

Ah, Doug Saunders and his beloved Irish-Americans, the almost-incorrigible lowlife degenerates whose appalling behavior is undisputed.

(And — the big difference between then and now — other Americans were more or less permitted to point out this behavior and in some cases, resort to violence/political maneuvering to eradicate it. Of course, these people are now referred to as “nativist No Nothings” because their side lost – to the Democrats. The major real crimes committed by the Irish — such as burning down a black orphanage — far outweigh the imaginary crimes the “nativists” had at first invented to smear them — such as tall tales of depraved convents full of kidnapped Protestant girls.)

Did Saunders mention those “No Irish Need Apply” signs that never actually existed, btw? I’m too lazy to go back to the NYT to check.

Isn’t it odd that in the 200+ years of America’s history, as bad as the Irish were,  at no time did 19 Irishmen blow up the Empire State Building?

At no time did 19 Germans blow up Mount Rushmore.

At no time did 19 Jews blow up the Statue of Liberty.

Note too that right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor (and even while their parents’ property was being confiscated and their families locked into internment camps) Japanese Americans rushed to volunteer to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, in order to prove their loyalty to their adopted country.

And went on to form the most decorated unit of the war.

How is that even the Mafia secretly cooperated with American authorities to fight an Axis that included Italy?

The Cosa Nostra in America is tribal (membership is restricted to Sicilians); its initiation ceremonies are a hodgepodge of pagan hoodoo; members are already handicapped by the sheer fact of being Italian — yet even they managed to pick the right side.

Meanwhile, 19 Muslim immigrants flew planes they could never have invented into buildings they never could have constructed, taking Irish firefighters and Italian cops (and, yes, Jews) with them.

Why is it that Muslims alone among all these groups consistently behave as the most petulant, parasitic outliers wherever they settle in the West, regardless of their percentage of the population?


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