‘[W]omen do not yearn for liberation if liberation means trying to have a career and be a mother at the same time’

Nicholas Farrell:

They apparently do not want such freedoms because frankly they are a pain in the ass.

They have realized that most work sucks. And they are not wrong.

I attended an elite, invitation-only conservative/libertarian conference in 2010, to discuss John Stuart Mill’s ideas about liberty.

Needless to say, I was a fish without a bicycle at such an event, being surrounded as I was by mostly male academics.

When the question of slavery, servitude and contracts came up, I wondered aloud what Mill would have made of the paradox of voluntary slavery, explaining that in the “kink community,” Masters and Slaves sometimes formalize their relationships via elaborate, ketuba-like contracts.

There was much coughing and staring into the middle distance.

Of course, that was two years before 50 Shades of Grey came along.

(Never mind that books exactly like 50 Shades of Grey — except better written — have taken up considerable shelf space in the “Erotica” sections in major booksellers for as long as I can remember…)

Being ahead of your time means never being invited back…

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