Left turns ‘Silent Spring’ serial killer Rachel Carson into a hero for children

Newbusters reports:

Storybooks abound about Rachel Carson, the marine biologist who wrote “Silent Spring” nearly 50 years ago. In fact, there are 130 children’s books about her available through that teach children to idolize Carson and how to become liberal activists, but without telling them the lives that could have been saved by DDT.

Some of those books even promoted left-wing environmental groups like the George Soros-funded Natural Resources Defense Council.

One such picture book by Laurie Lawlor, called “Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World” tells little ones: “No one had taken a stand against big business, federal agencies that approved chemical use, or universities that performed shoddy research about the effects of chemicals. She knew she was walking into dangerous territory.”

Here’s my recent smackdown of Rachel Carson and her willing executioners.

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