Progressives live in the past: ‘Catwoman’ #0

HiLowBrow declares:

In this fresh imagining of the franchise written by a legend of the industry (and HiLobrow usual suspect), Selina Kyle is an abandoned child figuratively and literally clawing her way up the social order, and the Dickensian capitalism she contends against (complete with most-unwhimsical Faginesque orphanage director) is retro that’s depressingly, enlighteningly on-time.

Uh huh.

Because Dickens’ London didn’t have free universal mandatory public schools, advanced medical technology (not to mention simple aspirin), laws against child prostitution/labor or cheap and widely available soap, water and high calorie food.

Oh, and orphanages don’t exist anymore, thanks to abortion. So there’s that too.

Otherwise? It’s EXACTLY like today!

Don’t tell me: the evil capitalists in this comic book (which I presume is being sold with the aim to make a profit) wear monocles and top hats, too?

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