A thousand Toronto Muslims call for filmmaker’s execution; Doug Saunders stayed home

My husband, however, was there and has a series of reports.


Some represented the Muslim Congress and others Canadians Against Blasphemy.

Calling it a “filthy video,” spokesman Zafar Bangash says hate laws should cover the video the same way they cover anti-semitism, adding that the filmmaker has “thrown a match into a fuel tank.”

“We feel deeply offended by that and we are here to express our deep concern about that video because what it has done is disrupted social peace, it has created a lot of turmoil in the Muslim world,” he said.

Eye on a Crazy Planet:

The chants were the same as you would hear at any rally where local radical imam Zafar Bangash, who spoke at today`s rally, spews his hatred.

For the benefit of anyone whose English or memory for simple expressions of mindless fury isn`t quite up to par, the organizers were thoughtful enough to distribute sheets with the chants printed out.

They’re stealing ideas from Jews now (and getting them wrong of course.)

Ezra, look what you started:

Blogwrath reports:

Among the signs were also flags with inscriptions in Arabic (or Farsi) around bearded men, who looked like action heroes from a gay comic book.

I wonder what the meaning of the phrases was – it obviously let them express their real thoughts without being understood by the infidels. (…)

The whole rally (and not only the signs) was sending a very clear message, not unlike the gay parades – “We are here, we are weird, and we will not rest until you completely submit to our cult!”

The participants went out of their way to look and act differently, showing that they have absolutely no intention to blend into the Canadian realities and traditions. Why should they? The milti-culti lefties have always encouraged them to act that way. (…)

…several speakers at the rally viciously attacked the current Canadian government for its support for the fight against terror. It is only a matter of time before those savages turn against us…

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