My 3+ year old ‘Ed Anger’ column on St Patrick’s Day still in Weekly World News’ Top 10

I went over there via Urban Legends, and what do I see?

It’s dated March 2011, but I wrote that back when I was “Ed Anger” for much of 2009.

Wow: over 2000 comments, one timestamped only a few hours ago.

(Naturally, Weekly World News, having been the ones who approached me in the first place, inevitably and eventually informed me after nine months or so that they were “going in a different direction,” i.e., replacing me with someone  who sucks.

(Stop me if that sounds familiar…)

Looking back, I gotta say — for something I’d treat as kind of a chore and write at 7am the morning it was due, after barely one coffee — this still has its charms:

Why are we having a big parade for a bunch of weirdos who pray to the Pope, believe in fairies and blow each other up? (…)

I know my history, and this great country of ours was founded by Pilgrims and Puritans and other Protestants, not weirdo Catholics like the Irish. If it had been, the Statue of Liberty would be the Virgin Mary! (…)

Ralph Nader fellow should’ve left General Motors alone and gone after the Kennedys. Their cars should have warning labels instead of bumper stickers. (…)

[S]tay away from all those crazy parades or you’ll end up praying to the wrong Jesus!

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