David Warren has a new blog — that won’t really be a blog

If you’ve missed him in the pages of the Ottawa Citizen, now you can read him regularly at his new online home.

Our ambition is to try a blog entitled “Essays in Idleness”; which hyperlinks only sparingly, & always with caution to the MSM; which does not celebrate the incursion of “events”; which may sneer at “breaking news,” ignore the polls, & give no advice in an election; which makes statements that could actually be contradicted, but only by someone who knows something; which rebels against the oppression of “democracy”; then flees from its howling mobs. (…)

Fifteen continuous years assembling daily newspaper columns as a political pundit, & we achieved what? Approximately two million wasted words. For the world was not listening to our instructions; & anyway should not have, in our candid review. We pray to our Lord that by His grace instead, somewhere in the dark, we lit one holy candle.

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