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Trump v. Obama: My NEW Taki’s piece

So far no “Joooz”-obsessed commenters. Guess they’re not early risers…

The Founding Fathers wanted Americans to care about where the president was born. The Constitution is admirably clear in Article Two, Section 1. Conveniently, a commonplace document was invented long ago to provide this exact information: a birth certificate.

Alas, one of those Americans concerned about Obama’s citizenship is Donald Trump, which is about as helpful and reassuring as Ed Gein running for the cure. (…)

Even before he vowed to unmask the “half-blood prince” pretender to the Resolute Desk, Trump flirted with a presidential run himself, immune to the irony that “Donald Trump” is no more “real” than Barack Obama.

Trump’s skeletons aren’t even in the closet. We’re talking Santa Maria della Concezione here.


Don’t forget to buy Brian Lilley’s book!

Only available online.

BONUS: He and Ezra share a story about my lawyer’s most famous case…


‘Twitter trainwreck Zach P. and third-generation Frumlet…’

‘both former Sun News Network coffee-fetchers — agree … nepotism rules!’

Heh. Just seeing this now.

I guess my generation really did use up all the planet’s irony. Some youngsters have evidently been born without the ability to detect it.

Ah, if only I could share a few juicy things I really want to, in those comments. Sigh…

Alas, unlike some people, I was raised properly, so.

UPDATE: Aw, MW took down the screenshot and subsequent comments, dammit.


And not a f*ck was given that day

Rick McGinnis shares my indifference to moviegoing, once the locus of my life:

As Oscar season approaches, the most notable film in the world right now is a film that’s made no money and that no one likes or wants to see, which actually compares it favorably to most of the films nominated for Academy Awards last year. Still, we live in a time when a one-time meth cook and fraudster can do what any other Californian dreams of doing – make a movie – with the hope that they just might, if the stars align, set the world on fire.


Another ‘hate crime’ hoax: Black woman set herself on fire, blamed mostly imaginary KKK



‘Four Great Accomplishments of the Native American’

I WILL stay at that Wigwam Motel before I die, dammit. Oprah did!


Todaze ‘Black, stupid or both’

Michael Goodwin:

Each time I mention that I voted for Barack Obama in 2008, I get a blast from some who didn’t. “How could you be so dumb?” is a typical response to my confession.



‘Can’t We All Just Get Post-Racial?’

Jim Goad:

Don’t blame black pundits—who make a living by being black and talking about their blackness and how hard it is to be black—for stoking racial tension. Don’t blame the ones who see no irony of accusing Romney of “playing the race card“ while their own words appear under a banner that says “East Central Florida’s Black Voice.”

And don’t for a second think that perhaps many well-meaning whites are finally growing a little defensive after realizing that trying hard not to be “racist” is the most thankless job of all. Brush from your consciousness any suggestion that no matter how open-minded and compassionate you try to be, it never seems to be enough.

Don’t dare contemplate that many Americans have reached Peak Guilt and will start refusing to fit any more guilt into their already guilt-addled bodies.

Don’t think about the idea that tribalism may be a natural instinct and that trying to go “post-racial” is as absurd as trying to go “post-sexual.”


Interview with me (and Daniel Pipes, but not at the same time)

I had a great time chatting with Dave Gordon of the Landmark Report, who kindly let me go on and on about a whole bunch of crap.


Yes, I’m back, but…

Yeah, I was sick with food poisoning or something like it for about 72 hours.

(Free advice: I’d never taken it before but now know that while Imodium works great, you should NOT follow the dosing instructions and take 2 tablets — unless you’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have a 20lb concrete block lodged in your intestines.)

This means I lost about 2 solid work days, and since I’m going away for two weeks on Tuesday, I now have even more real work to complete than I normally do on Sunday.

So: don’t expect many posts at all today. Sorry!

Besides, there’s a lot of good stuff on TV today, so watch it. (Although I can’t imagine how uncut the LHotL remake will be on Spike…)

(Arnie is a Whining Dead fan; I’m more interested now that some new faces have arrived.)


Taxpayer funded Canadian broadcaster ‘debates’ the genocide of ‘white people’, destruction of the Catholic Church

Thanks to the alert 5FF reader who sent this in.

You can contact the State Broadcasterto let them know your thoughts on this topic, and perhaps offer other suggestions for elimination, such as the CBC itself.

Let’s see if Bernie “Busybody” Farber says word one about this “humorous” CBC segment.

Because as he never lets us forget, calls for genocide remain a criminal offense in Canada.

I do not approve of this law but was under the distinct impression that most CBC employees and listeners did so:

Advocating genocide or inciting hatre against any ‘identifiable group’ is an indictable offense under the Criminal Code of Canada with maximum prison terms of two to fourteen years. An ‘identifiable group’ is defined as ‘any section of the public distinguished by colour, race, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.’



‘The Language Police Are Retarded’

Gavin McInnes finally has a good answer for one of the left’s most annoying faux-questions:

I also know Ann Coulter, and her motives for her quote were clear. (I realize there’s a lot of name-dropping in this piece, but 15 years in media will do that.) She was using rude words to insult the president. Almost every time a fellow New Yorker finds out I fraternize with the Devil they say, “How much of what she says is just for shock value?”

I respond, “What exact quote are you talking about?”

They never have an answer so I’m forced to break the silence with, “Ann talks in public the way we all talk in private.” If you had said her “retard” quote to a liberal in a bar that night, he wouldn’t pretend to be offended by the word. He’d be offended by the insult and say, “Obama’s not being a retard. He’s kicking your boy Romney’s ass, you fucking fag!”

That’s how we talk when we’re not scared of having our words twisted by strangers. Why can’t Ann Coulter talk the same way we all talk?

She doesn’t go up to the mentally handicapped and say, “Hiya, retard.” Nobody does. When I tell people that “nigger” is a swear word they always say, “Yeah, well, would you go up to a black guy and say it to his face?” Not if I didn’t know him, but I also wouldn’t walk up to an old lady and yell “cunt” in her face. (…)

Coulter realizes this is all about power and that any reaction validates their claims…


So was Obama stoned in Denver or what?

Kevin says yes, although I’d have guessed Ambien…

There was clearly something wrong with the current President of the United States that night, and it was most likely drugs.  Here in Chicago, word on the street is that Obama could also have a serious illness in the realm of either Parkinsons or “The Slims” (code in the black community for HIV/AIDS) but the more I think about his behavior that night the more this guy seems like a junkie who was loaded up on something that was supposed to treat his withdrawal from cocaine..only they got the dosage wrong. 

I’m really wondering if that “altitude poisoning” or whatever they claimed he was affected by in Denver isn’t at least partially true…because I’m thinking that whoever was administering him the Adderall or Oxycontin or whatever didn’t factor the altitude into his dosage. 

I have a friend who used to tour with a punk band and she told me that the guys would have to adjust their “scores” based on where they were traveling, since different altitudes affected their highs differently.

I can’t find it now, but years ago there was a t-shirt that said something like, “Even on Oxycontin, Rush Limbaugh is smarter than so-and-so.”

It’s like liberals can’t handle their drugs.


I’d have been one of those readers who complained about the headline’s inaccuracy, not its ‘insensitivity’

Editor behind notorious “Roasted Nut”s headline dies; learn (most) of the real story.

I still want to know who they’re still covering up for.


Ryan Bomberger: ‘As Someone Who Was Conceived Out Of Rape, I Think Richard Mourdock Is Right’

He adds the oft-forgotten point:

Less than 1% of abortions are a result of rape, incest or protecting the physical health of the mother.”