Old and tired? Woolworth’s lunch counter sit ins.

New hotness? “Lucy”, is that you?

…after 21 years under its current ownership, Ford’s Real Hamburgers in Land Park fried up its last burger and sold its last milkshake Saturday night.

Owner Hank Vereschzagin’s father Pete bought the business in 1991.  Employees said a combination of factors led to the decision to close up shop.  The poor economy, they said, was at the top of the list and then, in addition to that, the restaurant had recently been sued by ADA lawsuit attorney Scott Johnson.

Johnson is known for going after businesses not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and has sued some 2,000 of them.

This is what Barry Goldwater warned would happen, which is why he didn’t vote for the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

An old friend of mine used to work with the crippled government employee who sued one of the oldest and most popular downtown Toronto movie theaters because it wasn’t wheelchair compliant. She said he was a real pain in the ass. Anyhow:

The theater figured it was cheaper just to go out of business, so the owners sold the property to a condo developer and in due course, the theater was torn down.

In the middle of the tear down, there was a terrible accident and someone was killed, plus a few people were injured.


Having “won” his case, the crippled guy merely succeeded in adding to the number of crippled people in the world.

Who knows, maybe he got a little thrill over that, too.

And of course, there’s this:

“Yesterday’s atrocities were a rude awakening from the indulgences of the last decade, with some awful stories to remind us of our illusions — disabled employees in wheelchairs, whom the Americans with Disabilities Act and the various lobby groups insist can do anything able-bodied people can, found themselves trapped on the 80th floor, unable to get downstairs, unable even to do as others did and hurl themselves from the windows rather than be burned alive.”

Yes, regulations saved so many lives at the WTC!

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