A Bulb of One’s Own: My NEW Taki’s piece

UPDATERick McGinnis posts a MUST-READ “Coles Notes” to accompany my Taki’s piece:

What anyone growing up in Southern Ontario at the time would know was the inspiration for I’m Taking My Own Head author Libby Wolfson – local daytime TV “women’s shows” starring people like Joyce Davidson and Dini Petty, and especially Micki Moore’s You’re Beautiful, which aired on CityTV, the local channel that SCTV mined relentlessly for material.

Moore’s show took its title from the Carole King song that it used as a theme, and oozed an estrogen-thick fog of self-affirmation that could repel men for a block-wide radius…

Have fun in the comments (which are already hopping):

When Tsing Loh’s only married female friend arrives at this hyper-hormonal Whole Foods hot-tub hoedown, she takes a slug off her “stiff vodka diet tonic with a wedge of lemon” and unburdens herself of a lengthy tirade—we’re talking hundreds of words—about her husband Ron.

Ron, you see, still hasn’t changed the burned-out lightbulb in the garage, even after she complained about it for the “FOURTH NIGHT???” in a row (capitalization and punctuation in the original).

Before you ask: Yes, Annette has full use of both arms.

This outrageous alternating-current atrocity is supposedly indicative of the horrific conditions which Today’s Modern Woman is expected to endure.

Perhaps future feminists will come to refer to it in somber tones as the Holobulb.

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