Doug Saunders on Manson and Jesus: Hey, they both had long hair!

Known idiot Doug Saunders comparing Omar Khadr to the Pope now.

You think I’m kidding.

Er, Doug:

“The Pope” was press ganged into the Hitler Youth (which was paramilitary, and by the way, required members to wear uniforms, making it the exact opposite of al-Quada) and he deserted shortly before Germany’s surrender.

(Stay tuned for Warren “The Emperor of the Ellipses” Kinsella claiming I’m praising the Hitler Youth in 5, 4, 3…)

Some critics dispute the facts of Ratzinger’s membership. (Note that this page has no hyperlinks/footnotes.)

Fine. And I’d be happier if Ratzinger had joined the White Rose, but he didn’t, and other people have no obligation or opportunity to leap into a time machine and live out my personal alt-history fantasies.

Anyhow, unlike Doug Saunders, Ezra Levant is raising money for Christopher Speers’ children.


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