In the midst of her overall bullsh*t, Fran Lebowitz admits gay men lied about AIDS and are collosal sluts (cuz they’re men*)

Gilbert Gottfried in (not quite) drag…

…the way that AIDS spread, by which I mean the rapidity, which was caused by a level of promiscuity that never existed before or since.

And after AIDS, I think that [homosexual] people were afraid of a kind of official response to AIDS, like they would be arrested, or put in jail, all these kind of things, which are not unlikely things, by the way, and so they made up a lie. “We’re just like you. We are just like you, we’re exactly like you.”

But of course, they were not exactly like straight people. They were nothing like straight people. (…)

At some point in the 70s, I remember being in an S&M bar, I can’t think of which one, but in a bar with a friend of mine, a guy. Women were not allowed in this bar, so I had like a special dispensation. I was there as an anthropologist, let me assure you, and I said to him, “If straight people knew what was going on in here, they would send the army in.”

Please don’t write me: I know this isn’t an S&M club, but it’s what came to mind:

( * )

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