A (Mostly) Frank Discussion about Race: I review Ann Coulter’s ‘Mugged’

Have fun in the comments — and enjoy the videos:

Speaking as a foreigner, can I just say on behalf of the rest of the world that America should either have that “frank discussion about race” pronto – or shut the hell up about it.

Yeah, yeah, slavery, blah. We know.

But it is SO weird watching you guys from a distance, obsessing over a horrible thing that happened 150 years ago.

When the topic turns to race, the same nation that invented Hollywood, jazz and manned space flight transforms, Hyde-style, into a shriveled hypochondriac with Tourettes, nervously taking its “tolerance” temperature (rectally) every half hour and announcing the embarrassing results to all within earshot, between yelling “Selma! Juneteenth!! Tuskgeegee!!!” over and over again.

We kinda wanna slap you.

Note, today is the anniversary of the OJ Simpson acquittal, which is key to Coulter’s thesis.

I’m pretty sure everyone on the OJ jury — who couldn’t even spell “DNA” — all voted for Obama, aren’t you?

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