Secret video chronicles: I got an email…

From a publicist for, pushing a video spoofing Mitt Romney’s “47%” remarks:

In advance of the highly-anticipated debate tonight, I wanted to send over a timely, tongue-in-cheek video that I think you’ll find to be a hoot! It’s from my client, *Meetinghouse Productions*, the folks who  produce “World’s Dumbest,” a hit show on truTV. The parody is a funny take on Romney’s now infamous 47% secret video. Babies are the next lazy Americans. “Of course there are exceptions to the rule. Not all babies are mindless leeches on society – some babies have jobs in TV and film.”

I replied:

Sounds cute, but got one coming for Obama?

She answered:

Haha.  Perhaps if a secret Obama video surfaces, then we’ll do something similar! 

So naturally I sent her a link to the 2007 one everyone was talking about this week. I didn’t bother sending the “secret audio” about “bitter Bible clingers,” cuz hey, that’s old news.

Now it turns out we have a new one, circa 2002. Ed Driscoll has the details.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for Meetinghouse Productions to spoof it.

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