Evils of Boston busing: ‘The triumph of 1970s liberalism in a graph’

Steve Sailer writes:

For example, Judge Arthur Garrity, who ordered the school busing in 1974, lived in nearby Wellesley, which is just as Seven Sistersy as it sounds and was, amazingly enough, immune from Garrity’s own busing order.

Now, 38 years later, the mayor of Boston wants to lift the curse of busing from his city. Will he succeed?

It’s generally a bad idea to bet against well-educated white people conspiring over real estate.

But, smart white people are also good at not having children.

Most progressive ideas are well-intentioned, time-release disasters.

Those who warn against them at the start are called racists.

And we never receive apologies.

(Although, in fairness, that’s often because our detractors are no longer alive — thanks to their own policies.)

Meet the very first (or is that “second”?) Tea Partiers:

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