Chutzpah: Weisenthal Center wants us to celebrate ‘freedom’ while trying to take mine away

The same group behind this totally self-promoting, feel-good, empty calorie, “give me an Order of Canada!” “celebration of “freedom” were literally just celebrating their “win” in the latest Section 13 “hate speech” decision.

In the email announcing the release of this video, FSWC President & CEO Avi Benlolo writes:

Simon Wiesenthal believed that freedom is not a gift. That we must fight for it each and every day. He was right.

Yes, as long as the people fighting for freedom aren’t “unacceptable” white working-class goyim who hold “unacceptable” viewpoints.

Of course, Simon Wiesenthal believed in a lot of things, some laudable, some not. Some of them not even true.

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