What would the professional ‘anti-racists’ make of this, then?

Thanks to the loyal 5FF reader who just sent me a pair of links, noting “the comments are virtually identical.”

One links to an essay about affirmative action, over at the highly respected Chronicle of Higher Education.

The other, to a conversation about the very same essay, at American Renaissance, which Canada’s professional “Nazi-hunting” busybodies would dub a “far right web site.”

My astute reader’s question is unasked, because he knew I’d read his mind:

If moved to do so, would our self-appointed “Human Rights Commission censors shut down AmRen, but leave the Chronicle of Higher Ed unmolested?

Remember: they are just as apt to prosecute web sites on account of their comments as for their content.

As the definition of “far right wing extremist” grows shakier by the day, how much longer can Canada’s petulant “anti-racists” keep up their charade?

Ten years ago, the only websites daring to bring up Martin Luther King’s plagiarism and adultery were “far right sites” such as Vanguard.

Today, the topic is considered acceptable at sites with millions of readers, many of them default liberal.

When you rely upon a broken compass to navigate your world, and insist that others follow you or else, what do you do when the poles shift entirely?

Why should the intellectual advance parties of the world be held back and even punished by doctrinaire, intellectually inferior “progressives” who believe they’re our superiors yet, ironically, can’t seem to keep up?

No wonder they’re in favor of “affirmative action.”

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