Racism is everywhere!

Video-Game Maker Kixeye Fires Four After Investigating Racist Behavior

Kixeye is known for its take-no-prisoners attitude towards competitors like Zynga and EA, and a recruiting video which mocked FarmVille players was viewed by some as sexist.

PLUS: “Watch a deleted scene from Lilo & Stitch about racist tourists”


In many of our Black churches, parishioners will absolutely idolize the marriage of the bishop and his wife without questioning anything. (…)

If you dare mention things you might have heard, immediately you are treated like devil himself and oftentimes rebuked for “sowing seeds of discord”.


Community leaders are demanding the resignation of a Maine mayor who said Somali immigrants living in his city should “accept our culture and leave your culture at the door.”

FINALLY: Sununu called “racist” for calling Obama “lazy” — even though Obama described himself as “lazy” here, blaming his Hawaiian upbringing. (Which has GOT to be racist — see Lilo & Stitch, above.)


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