My investigation of Ann Coulter Derangement Syndrome

Now up at PJMedia:

I’ve said for years that if you took Coulter’s books and columns and stuck a man’s name on them (preferably P.J. O’Rourke’s), at least half of the auto-Ann-haters (right and left) would pronounce them well-researched, soundly argued and entertaining.

So yes, I think she gets picked on for being female.

(And no, outraged commenters: That’s not “liberal identity politics” or “feminism” talking. That’s human nature. Something conservatives are supposed to be realistic about.)

The fact is, O’Rourke has been as searingly cruel as Coulter. (…)

So why doesn’t O’Rourke get picketed or pied in the face?

Well, he gets away with a great deal because he often mocks his younger, dumber self and the bewildered aging hipster he’s become.

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