New low: Bernie Farber helping gypsies file CRIMINAL CHARGES against Ezra Levant

(Well, I guess it makes for a nice change from the rest of us bringing criminal charges against gypsies…)

The latest Jewish Tribune is not online but the PDF is available.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to read the article in question.

Joanne Hill reports on Bernie Farber’s latest parasitical mischief in aid of his new pets, the gypsy “refugees” who are costing Canadians millions of dollars in stolen property, policing, welfare and immigration administration.

You’ll learn lots of disgusting stuff, but here’s the key section:

The [gypsy community] centre’s letters also target Sun News Network host Ezra Levant for comments he made about the Roma [sic] on one of this TV programs, and link those comments attributed to Kenny regarding Roma [sic] refugees.

Levant is a member of the tribute committee for the University of Haifa’s Mount Carmel Dinner at which Kenney will be honoured in Toronto on Nov. 4.

However, [professional gypsy] Csanyi-Robah has revealed that Farber has helped the Roma Community Centre to compile a dossier that they will use to lodge a criminal complaint against Levant.

(Joanne Hill goes on to note that professional gypsy Csanyi-Robah was once “a featured speaker at a Never Again for Anyone event whose sponsors included the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network” and whose participants included “anti-Israel activists.” Jeez.)

So finally, Bernie Farber came for Ezra Levant.

However, I don’t plan to do nothing.

I want Bernie Farber to add me to this dossier, and lodge criminal code level “hate speech” charges against me too, for daring to write mean things about gypsies.

If he fails to do so, I guess Bernie Farber is just as big a flaccid fag as I’ve always suspected.


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