From the folks who helped bring you the exploding Pinto: ABC lies (again) to participants to create ‘controversy’

Shecky has the dirt on last night’s Rich Vos “What Would You Do?” segment:

Vos was properly presented as a veteran comedian and it was quite clear that he was in on the gag and that he was doing an exaggerated version of what he does in his nightclub act. But after the reveal, he was given an alarmingly short amount of time to expound on the comics’ side of the story. Vos is understandably peeved and he said as much in a recent Facebook status…

It’s fascinating that the folks who produce a show called “What Would You Do?”– which is a show that seeks to discern the moral values of regular citizens– have basically behaved in a less than upstanding way.

What would ABC do?

They would enlist the services of a professional comedian, promise him one thing, then do another.

And in the process, they present a lopsided– and wholly unrealistic– scenario in a comedy club and seek to make the comedian– and all comedians!– look bad. And they also indirectly give comedy club patrons the idea that they are totally justified in interrupting the show.

Who’d have guessed, huh?

OK, I’m gonna be a total bitch here:

Rich Vos did the segment. Doesn’t that imply to other amateur comedy watchers that other, bigger comics were probably approached first, and turned down the show, for whatever reason? Let’s just say he married up — his wife is ten times funnier.

PS: 20 years ago, Vos would’ve kept his mouth shut, fearing that he’d never work for ABC again.

Today? Vos and others are free-er to be able to say, “Gee, let’s hope not!”

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