‘As immigration becomes more of a sacred civil right for foreigners, free speech becomes less of a one for Americans’


The Obama Administration is reflexively pro-multicultural and therefore anti-free speech in the advanced European and Canadian fashion.

They see the First Amendment as all very fine for pornography, but, to be frank, more substantive free speech is outdated in a multi-ethnic age of empire when the government has to keep hot-under-the-collar newcomers, such as Muslims, and old grievance groups, such as blacks, from burning down cities over perceived slights.

For example, the guy who posted this video on Youtube is an immigrant career criminal. Making a video is one of the few legal things he’s done in recent years. (…)

Of course, nobody is talking about: Why is that crook in the United States? That’s because immigration is increasingly become a sacred civil right for foreigners, which, in turn, means that freedom of speech is increasingly undermined for Americans.

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