Ugly old women want cheap apartment named after crazy dead chick — then given to useless, angry parasites

Not only is satire impossible, but now life imitates horror movies.

Remember my article about insane Shulamith Firestone, whose ideas about “gender” have ruined countless lives?

Well, guess what?

Acquaintances of Shulamith Firestone want the rent-stabilized apartment where the author and activist died this summer to be preserved as a residence for a low-income feminist, according to a petition obtained by The Local. (…)

“I think she was a difficult tenant,” said Ms. Goldin. “She was a disturbed person and would leave the water on and flood other apartments.”

What a great metaphor for what she did to the rest of society.

PS: Steve Sailer is having his annual fundraiser.

I encourage you to donate if you value his unsung contribution to, well, pretty much everything.

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