How desperate, lazy and talentless is the Hollywood Left?


A gratuitous shot at Rush Limbaugh is coming in tonight’s (Wednesday) episode of ABC’s Modern Family sit-com. 

In a promo clip played during the network’s post-debate coverage Tuesday evening, “Jay,” played by actor Ed O’Neill, tells a female character: “You’re huge and you’re loud. It’s like sleeping with Rush Limbaugh.”

Where to start?

Well, with the fact that Limbaugh lost almost 100lbs before his wedding, and while he’s gained some back, he’s nowhere near at fat as he used to be.

He basically looks like your average late middle aged American guy.

I’m not saying that’s good — you guys could stand to lose a few — but still.

The “loud” is one of my hobby horses, as regular readers know.

There are indeed “loud” talk radio hosts out there. Mark Levin is a good example.

“Loud” gets lazily tacked onto people who don’t deserve it, just because they’re opinionated: Ezra Levant, Ann Coulter and, yes, Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh is only “loud” if you’ve never listened to his program.

Naturally, that cohort includes Hollywood script writers.

Finally: you’ve got Ed O’Neill complaining about sleeping with Sophia Vergara, because her character snores — she’s “huge and loud, like Rush Limbaugh.”

Read that sentence again.

The video itself might be helpful here, if you’re unfamiliar with these two actors:

Even better, here’s a photo of this fictional couple:

I’m just gonna leave it at that, because I could waste my whole day parsing this idiocy.

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