Talk Radio Watch: Weekly recap of conservative talk radio highlights

My NEW Talk Radio Watch column is now up, with free audio clips of this week’s highlights, including:

  • Michael Savage’s return to terrestrial radio
  • Rush Limbaugh looks back at his own “binders full of women”
  • Mark Levin vs. George Will

and MORE!

PLUS — also in radio this week…

Howard Stern is ready to settle the Hulk Hogan-Bubba the Love Sponge sex tape scandal once and for all–live on air of course.

Bubba the Love Sponge Clem called in to the Howard Stern Show Wednesday morning to talk about the ongoing scandal surrounding a video featuring his ex-wife Heather Clem having sex with Hulk Hogan. A one-minute clip of the video, shot in the Florida home of Bubba the Love Sponge, was leaked online by earlier this month.

Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt talk optimal binders (FREE audio)

Artie and Mike make fun of Nick’s P90X workout routine:

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