Are you sick of hearing me complain about this yet?

Conservatives do NOT need another “conservative news and commentary” site.

We need our own alternatives to YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and so on:

Let’s see what happens when the same (brown) “Arab Spring” Twitter encouraged starts acting like the (white) German government:

Meanwhile, Twitter said on Wednesday that it has blocked the account of a neo-Nazi group at the request of the German government, something that the company announced earlier this year it had the ability to do — although it said at the time that it would try hard to only use this feature in extreme circumstances, and would record its behavior at Chilling Effects so that everyone would know. (…)

Since its inception, Twitter has boasted that it sees itself as the “free-speech wing of the free-speech party,” and both Macgillivray and CEO Dick Costolo have regularly defended the need to “let the tweets flow” during events such as the Arab Spring. (…)

As Twitter has become larger and more corporate in its focus, however, with hundreds of millions of users around the world and the need to generate revenue a priority, simply “letting the tweets flow” is no longer an option. As a global media entity, Twitter arguably had to abide by the German government’s request in order to do business there.

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