They gave us smokes. We gave ‘em booze. I call it even.

Epic must-read:

One commenter noted that the T-shirt was “probably made out of cotton,” which ignores America’s shameful legacy of slavery and shows a “shocking lack of historical awareness.” (…)

Perhaps modern “Native American activists” and their palefaced enablers should focus more on cursing the Red Man’s ancestors for never being technologically advanced enough to develop a more efficient defense system to maintain bragging rights over the land that was presumably their birthright. (…)

Perhaps they should shut up about “genocide” altogether, seeing as there are perhaps currently as many “Native Americans” here now (around 5.2 million in the continental US and Alaska alone) than there were back before the Evil White Man set his Evil White Toes on these shores. (…)

Or if they refuse to shut up, perhaps some modern palefaces should start talking about how in pre-Columbian days, there were no such things as flat-screen TVs, welfare checks, tax-free casinos, or white guilt.

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