Get it on: The Adam Carolla/Dennis Prager story

RJ Moeller is the young man who brought them together:

With what little pull I had at the time with Dennis and his radio producer Allen Estrin, I decided this was the chance to make a play.  Audio clips were spliced and sent, direct appeals to Dennis (who had no idea yet who Carolla even was) were made, calls were placed and a few weeks later I was listening to my two favorite talk show hosts on the air together. (…)

It was Platonic love at first “hard break”. Anyone listening to Adam and Dennis on the air that first day could hear the chemistry and mutual affinity. Everyone involved was ecstatic with how things worked out and we learned that Adam had, for the first and only time in his career, been trying unsuccessfully for months to get himself booked on a show. The Dennis Prager Show, to be precise.

I booked a flight out to Los Angeles early last fall under the auspice of coming to interview Adam, Dennis and the late Andrew Breitbart for my AEI podcast. In actual fact, I simply wanted to pick Breitbart’s brain about a career in the media that I had begun pursuing. Oh, and I also threw together a little something I’d like to call an official proposal for a Prager-Carolla nationwide tour that both parties involved loved and said yes to and which inspired one to even offer me a job.

You can buy audio from some of the Carolla/Prager stage shows at Great for your iPod — especially on long trips.

A classic five minutes of radio, including notorious “capsizing Guam” audio:

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