Shocka! Obama supporters more likely to buy campaign-themed thongs than Romney voters

Underwear not so magic?

Just in via an email from CafePress:

What voters will do with their money is very telling about their intended election behavior, but where they are willing to wear their most intimate election selection is very telling real estate.

CafePress knows that self-expressions don’t stop at the zinger t-shirt and that lining up behind a candidate can go all the way down to the ever-debated undie options.

Across the board, Pro-Obama thongs are leading the underwear choices with 80% of purchases and Pro-Obama leads Pro-Romney across all categories.

However, reluctant they may be to keep Romney up close and personal, Anti-Obama folks prefer to keep their political opinions under wraps with Obama leading in all anti-underwear sales.

PS: THANKS to the very special 5FF reader who just made a BIG purchase of conservative-themed goodies via my CafePress affiliate banners and links.

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