10 years later: Canadian pastor prevails over Human Rights Commission censors, gay bullies

Jonathan Kay writes good article:

In an appalling 2008 decision, a one-person human-rights panel not only ordered Mr. Boissoin to pay $5,000 to Mr. Lund, and write an apology; but also ordered the man to cease all commentary on issues relating to gays in newspapers, the internet, or broadcast media.

Note: this meant that, for example, Boissoin was forbidden from sending someone an email that quoted certain Bible verses.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been easy for Boissoin to send such an email, since he had been reduced to living in his car…

I feel obliged to add here that in my very limited deals with Mr. Boissoin, he came across as an ungrateful little twerp, and the worst kind of uncultured, “Ned Flanders” Protestant bore.

I’m still thrilled by his victory.

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