Agreeing (and disagreeing) with Ann Coulter’s ‘Mugged’ theses

Alexander Hart:

Moreover, all Coulter really shows is that, after Goldwater, Southerners consistently voted for the most Politically Incorrect candidate on the race issue. George Wallace fits in this category, obviously. But it has gone down the Memory Hole that Jimmy Carter campaigned as a Southern Baptist who said he would allow neighborhoods to maintain their “ethnic purity” and end white flight. His campaign ads in the South featured “Dixie” and appealed to (white) Southern pride. (…)

As an aside, I will also note that George Wallace was able to win the black vote overwhelmingly in Alabama less than two decades after his “Segregation Forever” speech. This fact should explode the Conservatism Inc. publicists’ fantasy that informing black voters about the racial views of William Fulbright fifty years ago will somehow convince them to vote against Barack Obama today.)

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