‘This kind of heartlessness & evilness happens on the Sioux/Cheyenne Rez a lot’

The real story is always in the comments:

I see a lot of Indians treating each other so carelessly like this bcs all they do is get together & get high &/or drink themselves to oblivion.

I often travel to work with & meet fellow ranchers on the Rez. You should hear some of their stories.

The Native Americans I have met & deal with are often great people.

But more often than not? They are some of the most effed up people I have ever met.

Bitter, broken & so unmotivated to do anything else other than stupid $hit like this.

This guy was unfortunately stupid to entertain these strangers like this.

I have a hippy Uncle who does this all the time. And he’s always getting robbed of his medical MJ & they steal his computers & phones etc.

My Uncle is legally blind & is always trusting in the wrong people.

People who want to ‘party’, just like the ones in this story.

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