Yes, I’m back, but…

Yeah, I was sick with food poisoning or something like it for about 72 hours.

(Free advice: I’d never taken it before but now know that while Imodium works great, you should NOT follow the dosing instructions and take 2 tablets — unless you’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have a 20lb concrete block lodged in your intestines.)

This means I lost about 2 solid work days, and since I’m going away for two weeks on Tuesday, I now have even more real work to complete than I normally do on Sunday.

So: don’t expect many posts at all today. Sorry!

Besides, there’s a lot of good stuff on TV today, so watch it. (Although I can’t imagine how uncut the LHotL remake will be on Spike…)

(Arnie is a Whining Dead fan; I’m more interested now that some new faces have arrived.)

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