‘Can’t We All Just Get Post-Racial?’

Jim Goad:

Don’t blame black pundits—who make a living by being black and talking about their blackness and how hard it is to be black—for stoking racial tension. Don’t blame the ones who see no irony of accusing Romney of “playing the race card“ while their own words appear under a banner that says “East Central Florida’s Black Voice.”

And don’t for a second think that perhaps many well-meaning whites are finally growing a little defensive after realizing that trying hard not to be “racist” is the most thankless job of all. Brush from your consciousness any suggestion that no matter how open-minded and compassionate you try to be, it never seems to be enough.

Don’t dare contemplate that many Americans have reached Peak Guilt and will start refusing to fit any more guilt into their already guilt-addled bodies.

Don’t think about the idea that tribalism may be a natural instinct and that trying to go “post-racial” is as absurd as trying to go “post-sexual.”

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