Trump v. Obama: My NEW Taki’s piece

So far no “Joooz”-obsessed commenters. Guess they’re not early risers…

The Founding Fathers wanted Americans to care about where the president was born. The Constitution is admirably clear in Article Two, Section 1. Conveniently, a commonplace document was invented long ago to provide this exact information: a birth certificate.

Alas, one of those Americans concerned about Obama’s citizenship is Donald Trump, which is about as helpful and reassuring as Ed Gein running for the cure. (…)

Even before he vowed to unmask the “half-blood prince” pretender to the Resolute Desk, Trump flirted with a presidential run himself, immune to the irony that “Donald Trump” is no more “real” than Barack Obama.

Trump’s skeletons aren’t even in the closet. We’re talking Santa Maria della Concezione here.

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