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‘Aren’t British immigrants preferable to Mexican immigrants, anyway?’

Obeying the rules is for suckers:

So what’s the problem? Why isn’t Lauren Bell covered by DACA?

Well, here’s the ridiculous reason: DACA is for young people who

“…had no valid immigration status on June 15, 2012.”

In plain English, that means they must be illegal aliens.

Lauren’s “problem”: her father immigrated legally to the U.S. under a legal visa. In fact, her whole family migrated to the U.S. legally.

In 2004, her father’s employer SGD North America started an application process for permanent residence (“green cards”) for Mr. Bell’s wife and daughters. But after five years in the system, the applications were rejected in 2009 by USCIS [the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] on a technicality. The technicality, according to Lauren: “There was a mistake in the wording on the advertisement for the position my dad accepted with SGD North America.” SGD North America appealed in 2010, but was unsuccessful.


No, ‘the Catholic Church’ has not set up an exorism hotline

One priest in Milan did.


Rick McGinnis: The Best Toy Stores in Toronto

Here ya go!

These are toys for children who will never know a world without high speed internet and omnipresent wifi, won’t remember broadcast television, and will have at least one teacher who was once arrested at an Occupy protest.

PLUSthe best bake sale in Toronto is this Sunday, which benefits the private (that is, non-communist) Catholic school Rick’s daughters go to. See you there!


Thanks to John Derbyshire for the shout out

At Vdare:

Here, with thumbnail reviews, are the currently active blogs I find most useful

Five Feet of Fury. This is Kathy Shaidle, a colleague of mine on Taki’s Magazine. Mostly just links, but very simpatico — I could swear Kathy’s stolen my Google Reader roll.


No Jews, no Asians, no whites, no Hindus…

What do the “10 Worst Places to Visit” all have in common?


Places To Visit In Israel — When It’s Safe To Go Back (part 2): my NEW article

Add yours in the comments:

Decades ago, during the ‘Glaznost Aliyah,’ thousands of Russians escaped to Israel from the Soviet Union with the clothes on their backs — and from the looks of it, they haven’t changed them since. Eilat was full of Russian-descent tourists during our visit, and they are, alas, easy to spot, especially on the beach, where they shed their mismatched polyester casual wear and plod around in very tiny bathing suits. I was delighted to find myself the thinnest middle aged woman on the shore.

Eilat is a VAT-free (duty free) town. The good news: there are lots of fashion outlet stores. The bad news: many of the mid-market designer labels, like Golf and Fox, will be unknown to non-Israelis.

(Don’t be alarmed by all the guys sporting t-shirts reading “CASTRO”; that’s just one of the country’s top casual clothing labels.)


Teachers are stupid

Exhibit XVII.


Remember: This guy’s ratings are higher than Jon Stewart’s and Colbert’s

Is there hope for America’s youth after all?

An Asian girl does some amazingly speedy work with a jump rope, bouncing in tiny piston-like hops while her face locks in a rapturous squint. Nothing awful happens until Tosh opens his mouth: “I bet her parents are psyched they didn’t throw her in a river when she was born—she just burned off eight bowls of rice!”


Revisiting the Satanic Panic, 20 years later

One of my favorite books is about this very topic.

Spiked looks back, and notes that the Right and the Left were to blame:

his reflects, in part, the extent to which in the UK, the Satanic panic was framed less by anxious Christians than it was by elements of a decadent and decomposing left.

This is why the publications in which British proponents of the Satanic panic made their mark were not journals of the cloth; they were the rags of the left.

It was publications like the New Statesman and Marxism Today which carried tales of ‘a culture of sexual terrorism, power and sacrifice’, …

For certain elements of the British left, with feminist theorising prominent and a sense of defeat writ large in the Miners’ Strike, the fall of the USSR and the electoral success of Margaret Thatcher, the Satanic panic touched a nerve. It revealed to sections of a disillusioned left the reason for their failure to realise socialism: a working class corrupted by patriarchy, and fucked up by the family.


Jewish lesbian Sue-Ann Levy strikes back




‘Muslims Pressing for Blasphemy Laws in Europe’

But don’t worry: the left assures us this isn’t really happening.


Are young people really this stupid, or do we just think they are?

They’re dropping Gilda Radner’s name from some “Gilda’s Clubs” because college kids don’t know who she was or something.

So they deserve to die, then.


Winnipeg: ‘Adam Carolla is coming to town and, frankly, he doesn’t care if he offends you’


As far as I’m concerned, I’m not really interested in who’s offended — and by the way, the people who are offended are rarely the people of that culture or religion or race; for the most part, it’s white people who are offended on their behalf; they have this group of ‘police who go around being offended for people who evidently can’t be offended for themselves.


‘The GOP would have to be stupid to agree to amnesty, so it will probably happen’


What nobody gets is that new female immigrants from Latin America tend to have extreme fertility in the years right after settling. Open the doors to more immigration by giving a second amnesty, which even the dimmest foreigners will see as a pattern, and you’ll have another baby boom, just like the one in California that followed the 1986 amnesty act that nobody knows about.

Further, amnesty allows men to send for women from the Old Country.

Finally, amnesty is being framed in the press as, basically, the Surrender Documents of White America, so of course it will stimulate immigration and fertility.


‘Turkeys are destroying my lawn!’ — Top 10 White People Problems

Gavin McInnes:

Private schools cost a fortune in New York but the public schools are so terrible, the supply still can’t meet the demand.

Once you’re finally afforded the opportunity to pay through the nose just so your kid doesn’t spend all day fighting Puerto Ricans, you’re still stuck with a teacher that says your boy’s progress is “Like, really amazing.” OMG.

My father’s generation learned Latin for free. Today it costs tens of thousands of dollars to teach your kid to talk like a babysitter.