Yes, I’m back, but…

We just got in the door and I’m dealing with an angry cat, two large suitcases full of laundry, jet lag and 2000 emails.

So if you aren’t entirely disgusted by post-election analysis, I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for the following until I can get my act together, I hope by this time tomorrow:

“10 Good Reasons Not To Assassinate Obama” is just one of the good articles up at Taki’s right now.

Kyle Smith’s instant classic, “Finita La Commedia”:

Today 95 percent of blacks, it appears, believe the federal government should provide them with a job if they are otherwise unable to secure one. (At least that’s how I read this NAACP press release, but it’s vague.) Calling for the federal government to serve as the employer of last resort strikes me as a pretty radical idea, but just as yesterday’s luxuries become today’s necessities, yesterday’s radicalism is today’s progressivism is tomorrow’s legislation.

NOW Dick Morri$ finally figures it out. Way to go, Dick!

Demographic voting is the new norm in America. You vote based on who you are, not where you live or how well each campaign has articulated its case. 93% of blacks, 70% of Latinos, 60% of those under 30, and 62% of single people, voted for Obama. And white married couples over 30 years of age voted for Romney. Not much else matters. A president who was elected and re-elected through identity politics has brought about a state of affairs where demographic voting determines the outcome. Our votes are predictable based on our race, ethnicity, age, and marital status well before anybody does any campaigning.

Not everyone agrees. Here’s Mark Steyn:

A lot of the telly chatter is about how Republicans don’t get the shifting demographics: America is becoming more of a “brown country,” as Kirsten Powers put it on Fox. But New Hampshire is overwhelmingly white — and the GOP still blew it. The fact is a lot of pasty, Caucasian, non-immigrant Americans have also “shifted,” and are very comfortable with Big Government, entitlements, micro-regulation, Obamacare and all the rest — and not much concerned with how or if it’s paid for.

Derb seconds:

Barack Obama wasn’t re-elected by blacks, Hispanics, or Asians, though they helped at the margins; he was re-elected by Yankees.

Ezra Levant calls on Canada to uncouple itself from clearly doomed America (except we’re getting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a few years…):


It’s probably just as well that I wasn’t blogging during the election anyhow. Frankly, I was glad to be away from North America, and my desk, during the disaster. We were too busy to dwell on the horror for too long.

I pretty much loathe the entire human race right now, but then again, what else is new?


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