In which I disagree with Steve Sailer about something

In the comments.

Which are shockingly devoid of Lincoln-was-a-dictator paleo-hysteria (so far.)

Don’t worry too much, though: the balance has been restored…

“What pundits really mean when they say Mexicans are “socially conservative,” as explained by Sailer. One of his sharpest insights ever:

Charles Krauthammer was born in New York City and raised in Montreal, then educated at McGill, Oxford, and Harvard Medical School, where he graduated with his class despite breaking his neck during his first year. He’s been paralyzed for close to four decades and that takes its toll in all sorts of ways. Who knows how much else he would have been able to accomplish if he hadn’t been in a wheelchair? In other words, he’s an exceptional individual.

One thing he clearly hasn’t had time for in his remarkable life is getting to know much about Mexican-Americans.  (…)

 It finally occurs to me that the reason elites like Krauthammer say that (and even sort of believe that) is because, deep down, they equate “socially conservative” with “tacky.”

And, indeed, Mexican-Americans, whether immigrant or born here, do not, generally, display refined taste.

So, that makes them “socially conservative.”

(UPDATE: More about the fake “Mexicans are natural conservatives” bullshit, here, complete with “shocking” video.)

(UPDATE: Last vestige of liberalism FINALLY departs Mickey Kaus’s body with a hideous screech. Thank God.)

Indeed, I have probably met even fewer actual Mexicans than Charles Krauthammer, whom I assume does not mow his own lawn, and not just because he couldn’t if he wanted to.

And it is obvious to me that rampant bribery and corruption/bad cops/a shitty legal system/international drug dealing, drunk driving, littering, recreational animal abuse, violent crime, the sexualization of 15 year old girls, an aversion to higher education and the bizarre compulsion to ruin perfectly fine automobiles are NOT “conservative values.”

Of course, I didn’t go to Oxford or Harvard, never mind McGill…

Mexicans are basically pagan Muslims who still think it’s the ’70s.

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