Counterdemo TODAY in Toronto as local idiots protest Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense

Apparently some local retards are planning a little outing today, protesting Israeli “apartheid” outside the Consulate on Bloor Street today at 6pm.

So if you were counting on taking a taxi home from work downtown today, then, you can just forget it. (And your little dog, too.)

They claim this protest is about the fact that 2008′s Operation Cast Lead left the Gaza “infrastructure” in ruins, but obviously this is what is it really about:

Responding to a major upsurge of Hamas cross-border attacks from the Gaza Strip, Israel has launched its biggest military offensive since the 2008-2009 Gaza war. Of the 768 rockets striking Israel since the beginning of the year, 120 came this week alone, one of them destroying a house in the town of Sderot. Forty-four Israeli civilians have been killed by such attacks in the last decade. During the recent rocket offensive, schools and other facilities were closed and around one million residents of southern Israel were instructed to stay home or go to air-raid shelters.

Anyway, having just returned from the “apartheid” state, I’m happy to share some stuff about the “ruined Gaza infrastructure.”

Above, take a look at this fairly typical home in a “Palestinian” “refugee camps.” Arnie took that photo just last week.

Oh, and this is pretty funny:

A photo of the “Prime Minister” of Hamas’s government in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, buying Israeli grapes in Gaza, with a boy standing next to him enjoying a bag of Israeli chips has been circulating online among Palestinians.

The photo is an example of the hypocrisy of the senior Hamas leader, as his group and its sympathizers in the West and in Muslim countries have been advocating a universal boycott of Israeli products. The photo of Haniyeh buying Israeli grapes also ridicules those across the world claiming that people in Gaza are starving to death under a “terrifying” Israeli siege.


“Palestinians” usually never finish the top floor of their house because as long as they leave their home “unfinished,” they get out of paying taxes.

“Palestinians” get personal checks from UNRAH. According to the “temporary” decades-own plan, you keep getting money as long as you live. “Palestinians” therefore never file death certificates, ensuring that their “140 year old” papa still gets his payout.

In other words, so much for “genocide”:

According to the paperwork at least, “Palestinian” parasites actually never die!


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