Rush Limbaugh beginning to see half the truth

That it’s about Culture (see this for example):

As you know, I’m a big technophile, and I read every tech blog there is, particularly those related to Apple.  And all of these people contributing and writing and posting these blogs are under 30.  And they live in a different world than I do and they live in a different world than I grew up in. (…)

I mean, for example, one of the things that I get in the most trouble on this show for is that what I say is really controversial?  No.  It is they haven’t the slightest understanding of a traditional sense of humor.  You see, you don’t laugh at what they believe.  It’s just not done.  (…)

They don’t get it.  I’ll give you one of my favorite examples.  I love stereotypical humor.  But you can’t do that anymore.  Stereotypical humor, top of my head, mother-in-law joke.  You know what a real dichotomy is?  Your new Cadillac you see driving off the cliff, but your mother-in-law’s in it, so jeez, is it good or bad?  You tell that joke today seriously, and these people are going to be out of their gourd.  They don’t see one thing stereotypically humorous about it.  They just think it’s entirely insensitive and mean-spirited and anti-woman.  And that’s cultural, not political.  You couple this with the fact that they’re preternaturally arrogant and cocky with what they think, so it’s gonna be a daunting task.

Indeed. As I’ve written here over and over again, even so-called “comedy” blogs and websites are run by earnest 20 and 30 something beta males and their cunty female enablers, who moan endlessly about “rape culture” and “racism” and seriously demand this or that comic to apologize over a joke that would’ve passed unnoticed on a Dean Martin Roast in the 1970s.

The other half of the equation — that’s it’s about (Tribal) Demographics — is something Limbaugh is simply too decent (and ideological) to accept (or discuss publicly.)

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