Hang on: I thought WE were the rightwing racists?!

According to Bernie Farber, Warren Kinsella and their pals, “we” are the white supremacist fascists zzzzzzz sooooo sleeepppyyyyy…

So how do they explain why it was a pro-”Palestinian” who wore a Hungarian “nearly fascist” org’s Members Only jacket on the Muslim side of the sidewalk last night, during the Jew-hater demo on Bloor Street?

They can’t, because the warranties on their Liberal Decoder Rings ran out in 1982.

Of course, as usual, Bernie and Co. didn’t have the balls to show up at the rally in the first place, so they’re just finding out about this actual “fascism on the streets” now (as opposed to the imaginary kind they keep pretending is JUST about to materialize) from me, the racist — or more accurately, Blogwrath, who I presume they number among the racists too, because racists always go to Israel together (along with their Japanese wife…)

Anyhow: Bernie isn’t the only reason Yiddish has a hundred words for “moron.” Yep, you guys below are indeed “Judaism Rejects”!

Seriously, those guys are inbred, right? Incest: it’s not just for the goyim any more!

Sun News sent reporters.

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