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  • Mark Levin’s call from a Gold Star father
  • Rush Limbaugh’s NEW song parody
  • A rare print interview with Michael Savage

PLUS – more radio stuff below:

Why Limbaugh makes $40 million a year:

Okay, folks, so where are we today?  Here it is November the 16th, 2012.  Where are we today?  I can sum it up for you very simply.  Al-Qaeda is alive; Twinkies are dead.

Hugh Hewitt and Mark Steyn (audio) on the news of the day.

That’s “doggie fashion” to you, son…

EPIC: Penn Jillette compares Glenn Beck to Abbie Hoffman, Howard Stern — amazingly well observed (ie the notion of radio intimacy and the “context for the fans”… It is the same with Limbaugh’s “context” — unless you listen to him every day for 20 years — and know there’s a giant black dude sitting 10 feet away from him whose been there for the same length of time — you won’t really “get” the thick barnacle-like layering.)

Except I don’t really doubt Beck’s sincerity as much — and Tommy Smothers was wrong.

Levin shocks fans: “Chris Christie was right!”

“He nailed it”: Limbaugh on Ron Paul’s farewell speech to Congress.

As conservative talk radio allegedly ages, what is the answer?

The answer is not for Sean Hannity to “evolve.” Because Sean Hannity is not the answer. The answer is to find other things to talk about and other people to talk about them.

“Howard Stern hates Radio Hall of Fame more than ever since getting in”. (More.)

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