Do Mennonites really contribute anything to society aside from the occasional pie?

Anyway, here’s Michael Coren:

Simple really.

You can write pretty much whatever you want, but if you do so you cannot hide behind the financial largesse of the taxpayer.

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s; or, don’t be hypocrites! Leading to various fellow travellers and tiresome anti-Tory types to moan on about censorship and free speech.

In fact, the Mennonites themselves can be a little fuzzy about free speech, as I found out when I was lecturer-in-residence at the Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg…

I used to work for the Canadian association of Christian magazine and newspaper publishers.

(Have you ever met invincibly “nice” people who were also colossal, wrongheaded douchebags? And don’t get me started on their sheer incompetence, which was the worst of it for me.)

That was in the late 1990s.

From that insider perspective, I can tell you that what should really disturb everyone is that is TOOK THAT LONG for the government to “gently” remind the Canadian Mennonite (or any other publication that gets taxpayer funding) that as recipients of taxpayer funding, maybe they should tone down the “I hate the government” subsidized masturbation.

And the rest of you should’ve been bitching about all this much earlier.

I used to bitch about this hypocrisy WHEN I WORKED IN THE “BUSINESS.”

What’s your excuse?

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