Our obsession with being accused of ‘racism’ is also a threat to online security

Along with all the other sinister, life-destroying mischief caused by leftist “anti-racism” concern trolls, there’s this:

One favorite goal [of teenage hackers] is merely to piss off people by posting racist or otherwise offensive messages on their personal accounts.

As Dictate explains, “Racism invokes a funnier reaction in people. Hacking, people don’t care too much. When we jacked @jennarose3xo”—aka Jenna Rose, an unfortunate teen singer whose videos got widely hate-watched in 2010—”I got no reaction from just tweeting that I jacked her stuff. We got a reaction when we uploaded a video of some black guys and pretended to be them.”

Apparently, sociopathy sells.

See, not only do I use a robotic password generator and have really funny non “answers” to my “security questions” all of which are so complex even I don’t know them by heart and therefore couldn’t log into my bank account online during my vacation because the only computer was my husband’s PC…

I also don’t give two shits about anybody “posting racist or offensive messages” and attributing them to me.

Because I do that myself day in and day out. No one could tell the difference. Hell, probably not even me.

I don’t think this highly paid “professional journalist”‘ meant to write “sociopathy sells” either because that doesn’t actually make sense. Not the “sells” part, anyhow. Lazy writing.

And I’m proof that, in so many ways, “sociopathy saves.”

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