I (almost) don’t begrudge Susannah Breslin her winning ticket in the Media Genetic Lottery

Because she really is a terrific writer and here’s example #2075 — wherein she makes a point I was trying to make with a reader just yesterday:

I’ve written about negative feedback here before: “This Is Why You’re Stupid, or How to Deal with Criticism on the Internet.”

For the most part, criticism of this sort doesn’t bother me. They’re responding to what I wrote, not me.

Plus, I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’ve gotten used to it.

Supposedly, the web is a “conversation.”

Meanwhile, brands are obsessed with consumer “engagement” — but only so they can figure out how they can turn it into profits.

(I ought to know, I used to be a Facebook whisperer.)

I think the real reason people communicate online is because they are communicating with themselves.

I get sick of explaining for the thousandth time that one of the reasons I don’t have comments is because, frankly, by definition just under half the population is below average, and I do not want lesser people cluttering up my blog with evidence of their poor reading comprehension, cliches, limited cultural reference points, junk science, faux outrage, blowhardyness and inability to think logically or even add and subtract simple sums.

This is another reason, and it sounds a lot nicer.

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