The ‘Me’ in Social Media: The Only Online Etiquette Rule You’ll Ever Need

My latest at PJMedia, in case you missed it while I was away:

Here’s the key:

The fellow I’d accidentally dissed didn’t accept my apology immediately. It took him a while to mellow out. For all I know, he took to the wider web and called me a moron.

However, I let it go. I’d done my part.

You can’t control another person’s reaction to your reaction.

So if you’re the one at fault, say you’re sorry right away. (I know: it sucks.)

No excuses (except, maybe, “Need more coffee!” which, as long as it’s typed before 11 a.m., generates a modicum of sympathy.)

When appropriate, ask what you can do to make things right — then promptly shut up.

Don’t expect an award or acknowledgement of your magnanimity.

After all, that wouldn’t be very magnanimous, would it?

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